Ideas and Actions

Ideas and Actions of Rameshwar Amancha

Ideas and Actions of Rameshwar Amancha.

Explore some of the Ideas and Actions I have taken over the years.

ideas - photolinc


With a focus on the SSS formula – Share, Secure, and Store – we’ve created an organized platform for you to cherish and easily share your precious memories with loved ones.

Gone are the days of endless scrolling and struggling to find that one specific group or photo.

With Fotolinc, you can create groups that align with your various social circles, ensuring seamless photo sharing within each specific group.

No more confusion or tiresome searching!

#PhotoLink #Fotolinc #Memories #ShareSecureStore

Status: Implemented


The ultimate on-demand salon app that transcends the traditional salon experience by bringing the luxury of haircut and body rejuvenation services straight to your doorstep!

With just a few taps, you can easily browse and book talented stylists and salons in your local area.

#OnDemandSalonApp #DoorstepSalonServices #PersonalizedExperience #Ofohh

Status: Implemented


BTL Assist – TrackMyAd

Experience the power of BTL Assist – the ultimate solution to elevate your offline ad marketing campaigns!

With our cutting-edge technology, we bring accountability, enhanced visibility, and improved productivity to your marketing team, maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Accountability is at the core of our platform, empowering your brand to make informed decisions on the number of prints required to effectively cover targeted areas.

#BTLAssist #OfflineAdMarketing #EnhancedVisibility #ProductivityBoost

Status: Implemented

Digital Menu

Covid-19 Forcing us to adopt new changes along with government regulations.

Most Restaurants faced issues with Menu Cards during Covid Time, so we introduced a new Digital Menu – the Best Digital menu for Restaurants.

#DigitalMenu #Restaurants #QRCodeMenu

Status: Implemented

Digital Menu
Digital Menu

Bharat’s QR Code Reader

Developed Bharat, India’s very own version of the QR Code Reader – the simplest and fastest QR Code Reader you’ll ever come across.

Our seamless scanning technology ensures that if the QR Code contains a URL, it will automatically open in your preferred browser, allowing you to access the desired content effortlessly. No more typing long URLs or searching for information manually – #QRCodeReader #Simplicity #Speed

Status: Implemented

Van Uncle

A mobile app designed to track school vans, inspired by my friend and business partner Pawan Bhusari.

With real-time tracking and detailed information on transporters, this app offers unique features to ensure safety and efficient communication between parents and transport service operators.

Stay connected and receive timely alerts with our school van tracking app! #SchoolTransportation #SafetyFirst

Status: Implemented


Happyminds – Mobile App

Revolutionizing the hiring process with its innovative features.

Our app offers a one-of-a-kind experience, allowing you to create a Selfie Video Resume, connect with your campus community, and establish valuable links with industry professionals through our Alumni and Corporate Connect features.

Capture your skills and personality in a 60-second video resume, showcasing your unique qualities to potential employers.

With just one link, you can effortlessly share your selfie video across your network, on social media platforms, and directly with hiring managers.

#JobSearchApp #InnovativeFeatures #HiringRevolution #SelfieVideoResume

Status: Implemented


Lakshya App

Say hello to Laksha App – the ultimate destination for goal-setting and achievement!

This Application is designed to help individuals set and accomplish their goals, one step at a time.

With Laksha App, you can create your personalized goals and track your progress regularly, ensuring that you stay on track and motivated to succeed.

Status: Skipped

Track Shopper to Track COVID

Track Shopper is to alert shoppers when a potential COVID-19 patient visits a store during their visit to the store. so that they take immediate precautions and prevent the further spread of the virus.

With Track Shopper App, you will be promptly notified if someone with a potential COVID-19 infection has recently visited a store you’re planning to visit. This real-time alert system empowers you to make informed decisions about your safety and well-being.#TrackShopperApp #COVIDSafe #AlertSystem #CommunitySafety

Status: Skipped


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